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Some Men Are Idiots. 

I live with two men.  Both late thirties,  but do you think their actual age changes their thought process from that of a mischievous teenage boy?

Answer: No. It doesn’t. 

I walk into the kitchen and see my flatmate watching my cat thoughtfully.

Flatmate: “Shall we get your cat stoned?”

Me: “No.”

Flatmate: “Oh, go on!”

Me: “No.”

Flatmate: “Go on. I promise it will be funny. My mate knows someone you could buy it from. We could sprinkle it on his food?”

Me: “No. Shut up.”

Boyfriend walks into room. 

Flatmate: “Hey. Shall we get your cat stoned?”

Boyfriend: Thinks for a moment. “Yeah sure. That could be funny.”

Me: Picks cat up and walks away with him.

Men are dicks.