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Ahhhh, the royal wedding. Romance fills the air as England prepares for the wedding of the year.
The excitable hum of anticipation is obvious whenever in public. Tv documentaries are filling the screen, a film has been made, florists from around the world are voicing their opinions on tv interviews, as are cake makers, tailors, wedding planners…..

Seriously, I couldn’t give a tiny rats ass!
Do you know what the best thing about this over-publicised wedding is for me?
An extra fricking bank holiday! Hell yeah, baby!
Do I care what flowers Kate and William have chosen for decoration – errr, nope!
Do I give a shit about what the reception tables will look like – Hmmmm. Let’s see, errrrm, NOPE!
And do I REALLY want to watch a film about how they met?! DO I F”*k!

Don’t get me wrong, I realise I am being a tad grumpy today, and that actually, yeah, this is an important historical event; and I am oooooh so VERY grateful for the additional day in bed, not to mention the extended opening hours of the pubs. But really, what difference is this actually going to make to our day-to-day lives?
I’ll tell you: none.

And anyway, how in Gods name did William even bag a looker like her?! I mean, have you SEEN him? He very sadly got the very strong Y chromosome the day he began to form. He’s as pretty as his daddy!

And don’t even get me started on the bloody ‘royal dolls’ and other bullshit paraphernalia… I mean, really?!
“Oooh, I absolutely HAVE to have one of those weird dolls for my bedroom shelf…and, oh gosh! Look at that lovely paper plate!” AAAARGH!

So anyway, tomorrow I will be doing pretty much nothing, but that includes NOT tuning in to watch Kate as she glides down the aisle to her Prince Charming (aha! See what I did there!!!!).

Actually, sod it, perhaps i’ll have a scone in their honour – very British 😉


Comments on: "The Obligatory Royal Wedding Post." (20)

  1. As I get older, I hear what I want to hear, and read what I want to read, so when I first read it, I thought you wrote “how….did William even bag a HOOKER like her! So I about choked on my sandwich. But it was still hilarious. I’m not a judge of men, Belle, but I’d say he’s not near as ugly as his dad. But then, few people are. Too many generations of marrying cousins?

    • Haha! I draw the line (no matter the level of my grumpiness – which trust me, this morning was HIGH) at calling our new princess a “hooker”!! Lol
      I have also noticed that, through my grumpy-induced haze of frustration, I even got the DAY wrong! It’s Thursday tomorrow, NOT Friday – which is of course the day of the wedding!! Whoops! (yet another example of bad proofing!)

      Guess that demonstrates just how interested I am in the event….!

      Now Kevin, will you PLEASE hurry up and get back to blogging?!? I miss my daily giggles…. 😉

  2. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for validating what I have long believed: That no one gives a shit, and that the media is making this some giant story because they don’t want to focus on the insanity of the world. You know, the REAL world.

    If I see one more “Royal Wedding Update” on my morning news, I just might decide to voluntarily live under a rock.


    • You are more than welcome, Mikalee; for some unknown reason to me, people seem to think they are unable to voice this truth. Not me though, I DON’T CARE, AND AM SICK TO DEATH OF IT ALREADY – and it hasn’t even happened yet!
      There. I’ve said it for all of us.

      And thank YOU for visiting one of your ‘alleged’ fans 😉

  3. Don’t take this the wrong way, but I think I love you!
    I said pretty much the same thing on my Book of Terrible blog and it;s so very true.

    • Awww, shucks, Hook! *blushes* I am TOTALLY going to take that the wrong way – I love you, too!! 😉

      And what’s this about another blog? Are you leaving us?! I’ll have to check this out…

  4. See, I don’t think Ms. Kate is all that and a bag of chips. She’s fairly pretty, but not at all sexy.

    I don’t mean Victoria’s Secret sexy, like Kate will be photographed in lingerie any day now. I just don’t see any passion, or even naughtiness for that matter.

    She’s not even close to the sexiest, naughtiest Kate in England, I’m sure.

  5. Hahahahha… Hook, I was going to tell her I love her too, way to steal my thunder buddy. I need to be faster. I am thinking we are going to be good friends Belle 🙂 Thanks for the post that said EXACTLY what I was thinking!!!

  6. You said it perfectly honest — who cares? They are royal, loaded and getting married. NEXT! This am I came to work to a bunch of screaming woman crowding around a tv to watch the royal kiss. When cornered and questioned, “don’t you want to watch?!!!?” I said, Ugggh…no. I don’t get it. History is being made right before our eyes, but the publicity of it all is uncomfortable. I wish we concentrated on things that actually matter …. lol. Great blog! Love your style!

  7. Taxi cabs here have signs on them saying, “Congratulations, William and Kate,” and the ironic thing is most of the drivers can’t speak English and probably have no idea who they are. Lucky bastards!

  8. i really did not care! 😀 hell, yeah!

  9. This wedding was on extremely early in the morning here, and insomnia had me awake and thinking why not? It might put me to sleep. It didn’t, and I actually shed a couple of tears for a couple of different reasons. I’m also a people watcher so I liked that aspect to it, besides the “Gosh I hope their marriage actually works!” part that my optimistic side always leans to when pondering the newly wed.

    As to his looks, I only personally have a problem with the unfortunate hair. I wonder what he’d look like if he just shaved the rest of it off? Anyway, I do appreciate reading your view on the whole thing. 🙂

  10. Heeeeeey! I do apologise for not responding to your comment earlier. No excuse apart from I can be shockingly inept from time to time ;O)
    Anywhooo… I think that possibly the reason she hooked up with him could be something to do with the fact that some women are attracted to power (and lets face it there’s not many of us can say ‘yeah my hubbys gonna be king one day’). Oh and course there’s always all the lovely loot he has. There’s a woman who’s never gonna worry about paying her gas bill!

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