My (slightly crazy) view of the world

I have returned!

As the above suggests, I AM BACK! Here to bore you with my pointless ramblings once more.
Did you miss me? 😉

So, where have I been for a month?
Well, I shall tell you…
Nowhere. I have done nothing. Zilch. Nada. There is no excuse (oh, except for the part where I was sucked into a black whole at the bottom of my garden, thrown into a world dominated by fairies and made their queen. But that’s irrelevant…).

I have quite simply been completely unable to type anything! With no idea what to write, or even how to begin, my blog has been deserted.

I read a few books during my disappearing act – some good, some very good and some rather bad, oh, and I returned to work after SIX MONTHS – what a shock to the system that was! – but I plan now to devote my attentions once more to my blog. So here goes….

I have missed my blogging buddies – you know who you are: Kevin – Mr Trailer, Monsieur Hook, Lois, Groovyrick, Dtralser and many more of you, and i’ve missed the giggles others’ posts have given me.
I was reading one the other day which made me laugh so hard I actually had tears – yes, real tears! It’s amazing how much someone elses writing can transform your day from gloomy to cheery in a matter of minutes 🙂

So…back to work. Back to the daily grind and the hour long commute on the train to London.
Oh how I’ve missed it….
Because I’m on a ‘fazed return’ (a few hours each day – you know, to get back into the swing of things) I am travelling at different times of the day than I usually would. This means I am travelling with those that do not work, ie, screaming babies, loud, obnoxious groups of teenagers, arguing couples and noisy pensioners. Oh it’s so much fun. Honestly, I love it.

(I wonder if you’re able to detect the sarcasm dipping from every word yet?)

But that aside, it’s been pretty good getting back into the real world again; seeing someone other than my cats during the day – conversations aren’t as good, but meh! You can’t have it all…

There are a few new faces in the office, and a lot who have left and moved elsewhere during my time away, so it’s been pretty weird – almost like starting a new job. I’m looked at like the new girl, which I’m not too sure how to take really. In a way, it’s nice, but also a little patronising. I want to jump up and down like a petulant child, waving my arms around and screaming, “I’ve been here for years! Stop telling me how I’m supposed to do my job!!”
But I guess that’s just me being lame, as usual, and it will all go back to normal eventually.

Sooooo, I guess that’s enough crazy for one post. But fear not, I’m back, and here to stay, so of course more crazy will follow soon!

I’m off to check on the fairies now – peace out!


Comments on: "I have returned!" (11)

  1. I’ve got fairies at the bottom of the garden too.
    They captured me and stuck things up my bottom in an expierment.

    I only go to the end of my garden now for a birthday treat lol

    Oh good it’s my birthday Monday lol x

  2. Also I am glad your back xx

  3. Welcome back, Belle! My fairies aren’t in the garden; I keep them in a box underneath the trailer–boy was that embarrassing when they came to update my cable and internet. Your friend Ash is quite funny. I felt bad about telling you to write–figured maybe it was like when my dad would sometimes tell me to do something that I was already on my way to do. I still say that to people at work sometimes if they tell me something I already know: “Oh, thanks, Dad, for telling me to mow the lawn that I already was gonna mow.” You seem to take things in stride, though.

    • Yeah, he is funny. We went to school together (although, he gets pretty mad at the fact I don’t remember him from then – but we Facebook etc now, so I’ve made up for it 🙂 And he’s a good laugh). Not much fazes me, I’m afraid. Most of the time I find I’m cruder, ruder, louder and more offensive than most around me anyway!
      Loved the comment about the cable and Internet – once again made me LOL. And I SO know what you mean about people telling you (not asking, I might add!!) to do something you’re on your way to do anyway! Think I might steal your phrase for when that happens in the future 😉

  4. Welcome back Belle! I took a little time off myself to recharge. For some reason, just thinking about going to the computer and trying to write something witty and interesting seemed like a trip to the dentist. But I’ll be back at it in the next day or so…as John Lennon once said, “It’ll be the usual rubbish but it won’t cost much.” (sorry to use a Beatle quote)

    • Thanks Rick!
      I felt exactly the same as you. From what I’ve read, soooo many people went through the same – it’s very odd.
      Ahhh the Beatles…… No comment. 😉

  5. Ohh look at that !
    People are talking about how witty I am haha
    Thank you lovely people

    Just to update I visited fairies today as it was my birthday, went for my once a year or should I say anally bottom experiment type check up ? (get it ? Bad play on words) and I ended up disappointed – the snow over Christmas wiped all but 2 out.

    So I caught them and I am now breeding them to increase population again.

    I’m goingggg maddd 🙂

  6. Welcome back! I hope your batteries are sufficiently recharged and you’re ready to go.

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