My (slightly crazy) view of the world


Can’t write anything!!

Where has the inspiration gone?!!!!


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  1. I had wondered where you had been for the past month. Had missed you and blog and made-up words.

    But yes, where has you inspiration gone.
    Don’t panic mr mannering x

    • Ash, I am sorry to have deserted you. It’s been a weird few weeks. But fear not, my blogging, twittering, Facebook friend! I am back! And plan to deal with this block with immediate effect 🙂 x

  2. Belle, my dear young British friend that I have known for so many years, ha ha–not every Beatles song was a #1 hit, and not every blog entry has to set the world on fire; your books can do that. My unsolicited advice–write about your job or job search, why you love birds, why birds piss you off, what books you’ve read (many of your readers are readers) what funny thing you saw while you went for a walk/drive, the weather, or anything………we don’t care what; we just like to read writings from people we like or who we think are entertaining. I don’t care about anything in the world except my daughter; the rest of it can go screw itself, but things make me laugh, or bug me, so I write.

    • My wonderful American trailer-man, whose name I do not know… thank you for your lovely words. I shall take your advice and start on another of my pointless ramblings of a post immediately. As far a the Beatles go, thank GOD they weren’t all a number one hit! I may be alone with this opinion, but I can’t stand them! (cue evil backlash from
      beetle lovin’ fanatics…)
      I have missed reading your posts, and will review these later today – expect comments galore!
      It’s wierd, I don’t know why I’ve been unable to write anything, but every single time I came to my blog I drew a blank! Quite horrible, actually. However, I shall deal with this today and push the writing demons away! Wish me luck? Lol x

      • Kevin is my name, though I’m usually called by other names. Kevin means “beloved one,” which is so me. 😉 The Beatles were way-overplayed, and some of their non-hits were way better than the hits. I have been largely drawing blanks at blogdom lately; even tried to stay away from the computer for a week (made it 2 days), so you haven’t missed much if you haven’t read me lately.

        Oh, and most definitely, good luck!

        I’m off to Walmart to see if I can find someone more local to call me their “wonderful American trailer-man.” LOL

  3. Hang in there! They say the key to find your inner voice is wrinting about your passions.
    What are you passionate about?

    • Currently….nothing! It’s horrible! I’ve never had a problem with writing before. Although, it would seem a lot of people are suffering the same at the moment. Must be something in the air…
      I’m sure I’ll be back on form soon enough, then you’ll all wish I’d remained unable! Lol

  4. I’ve been out of it too. But I know what my problem is! Your new theme looks cool.

    • Hi Lois, I did reply to this comment a few days ago, but it seems to have disappeared!
      No idea what I wrote now, so I’ll just say “thanks!” and visit your blog very soon 🙂 x

  5. Ha ha! I say go with a post about how you don ‘t like the Beatles. Me and Hook will repost it a few times and spread it around the interweb, and before you know it you’ll be INFAMOUS!

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