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As most bloggers know, finding inspiration to write a post is pretty hard. I often sit and think “hmm, what shall I blog about today?” and as most of my regular ‘Blogitors’ (you know, ‘Blog’ + ‘visitors’ = Blogitors. Yeah okay, I made it up and it’s lame, but it’s MY blog, so I don’t care!) will know, I’m kinda crazy, so most of my chosen ‘rants’ are a little random. But I sat today, curled on the sofa, wondering again what to write. And I drew a blank. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. No inspiration whatsoever. 

So, instead, I’m going to write a blogoem (blog + poem = Blogoem. Again, lame, but I care not!). So, here goes nothing….

I curl up on my sofa,
Trying to think up my next blog; 
Should it be about today’s events, 
Or cats, or dogs, or frogs?
I sometimes find my inspiration,
While watching crap TV,
but often subjects come to me,
When I’m alone – just little ol’ me.

If you promise to subscribe right now,
Another ‘Blogoem’ you will not suffer,
But if you leave right now, I swear to you,
The next one will be dumber!

So come on, sign up to my blog,
And read my pointless posts,
And I’ll make a vow, 
To you right now,
I’ll visit your site the most!

Ta daaaaaaaar!

Okay, it’s shit. Reeeeeally shit.
I’m shit. 
What a dumb-ass idea. 
Crap. Nice going, Brain. 


Comments on: "There’s A Chance I Just Lost All Viewers…" (23)

  1. Haha
    I liked it ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  2. No it doesn’t.
    It rhymed and was good.
    It sucks nothing ๐Ÿ˜‰ x

  3. I like it! And I certainly feel your pain. One night I couldn’t come up with ANYTHING, so I just posted a really bad music video from YouTube with my apologies. I was hoping everyone would find it entertaining. They didn’t.

    • Oh dear!! I’ll ensure I avoid that solution next time then ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Thanks for liking my incredibly lame-ass attempt at poetry – but I think I’d better avoid a repeat performance going forward. For the sake of my blog. Lol

  4. See, this was my thought when WordPress did the whole “Post every day” thingy. Are you NUTS? I can barely scrape together enough to talk about every Friday (and you know I only come up with those last thing on a Thursday night….) so kudos to you for posting ANYTHING. And the poem rocks, by the way. (Although, my publisher has guidelines for rhyming submitted to his company, and this, I’m afraid wouldn’t make it. You’ve rhymed singular and plural: “blog” and “frogs”, ‘posts’ and ‘most’, and you went for “suffer” and “dumber”. Sounds cruel, I know, but I spend a lot of my day trashing people’s dreams for money. Sigh.)

    • Haha! Like I said, poems (or indeed, ‘Blogoems’ [I am so lame]) will be avoided going forward. I think it’s just safer all round, really – let’s be honest, it couldn’t get much worse than that!

      Oh, and at the time, I honestly couldn’t think of a single word that rhymed with ‘suffer’ – how crap is that?! There’s bloody loads!
      Yes, no more attempts at rhyming for me. Lol

      • ‘Rougher’ was the best I could come up with. Mind you, I have an unhealthy fascination with rhyme. Witness MY last poem:
        I think that I shall never see
        A poem lovely as a tree.
        But that’s ‘cos poetry is crap
        and trees have leaves and bark and sap.

  5. I guess this is a limerick?:

    Belle you make me smile,
    I really like your style,
    My poetry sucks,
    I don’t f*** ducks,
    I’d like to visit the Nile.

  6. Good one, Belle. You are funny and poetic. Too bad I can’t sign up twice.

  7. hahaha

    Is not a shit!

    I like that Blogoem!


    Franca – Sรฃo Paulo/Brasil

    • Thanks, Livia – I’m glad someone appreciates my made-up words, even if they make no sense!
      Thanks for popping by ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Hey Belle,

    I have nothing for today yet! I may have to go with a poem!

    • Ugh. Instead I opted for the world’s most boring post. maybe poems next time.

      • I’m sure it’s not that bad!! Lol. I shall pop by and have a peek in a while; I always enjoy your posts ๐Ÿ™‚
        And no, no poems please – you’ll put me to shame ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Hey, you gave it a shot. At least it wasn’t about vampires.

    • Very true! I’m afraid all the words I’d like to use in such a ‘poem’ would sadly not rhyme with ‘Twilight’ though.
      On seconds thoughts: ‘shite’, ‘tripe’….. Ooooh, I never said that!

  10. As terrible as it was, I was still pretty entertained and I’m guessing that’s what you wanted. Great work.

    If you ever find yourself stuck, isolate yourself somewhere you won’t be bothered for a ten minutes and just let your mind wander- it’ll happen. If it doesn’t, just pick something that happening in the news that you care about. That’ll work in a pinch.

    • Thanks, Posky! I shall take your advice. It seems a lot of people are suffering the same at the moment.

      And I am of course glad I managed to entertain you for a few seconds with the terrible Blogoem!

  11. lol you are so funny belle!!!

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