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Urgh! Get ‘Em Off Me!!

I read a blog not too long ago that got me thinking – and thinking and thinking…
I can’t seem to get it out of my head, and frankly, it’s annoying me. So, given the sharing kinda person I am, I’ve decided to pass this thought onto all of you, my loyal blog visitors 🙂

This is what has been in my head, bouncing around until I can’t seem to think of anything else (I’d like to highlight here, it is the THOUGHT of germs bouncing around, not ACTUAL germs in my head – that would just be weird).

The comment I read that sparked this new ‘obsession’ was about public toilets (public bathrooms, for my American visitors), and the certain ‘do’s and don’ts’ that are regularly broken by the grubbier members of our society. 

Now, I know what you’re thinking: she’s referring to those who don’t wash their hands following their visit to the public toilet/bathroom. 
Well, yes, and no. 
Yes, that IS disgusting, and I regularly find myself watching those dirty little wotsits in the reflection of the (grime covered) mirrors as I wash my hands, while they walk straight from the cubicle and right passed the sinks to the exit (gross!), but no, this act is not the act that has been playing on my mind recently.  

It is the floors of these places, and, oddly enough, our handbags. 

Now, picture this, ladies: we walk into the public toilets and do what we need to do. The less grubbier of us then go to the sink, wash our hands with soap and water, straighten ourselves in the mirror, then leave the bathroom with little more thought of our visit. 
We washed our hands, right? We’re clean and germ free. 

Well, hang on a second. Think back to when you were in the cubicle. What did you do with your handbag?

Sometimes (though in my experience, rarely) there is a hook on the inside of the door, so naturally, we place our handbag and coat on this until we are ready to leave. 
But what about the times when there isn’t a hook provided?

That’s right: we place our handbags ON THE DIRTY, GERM INFESTED, DRIED-PEE COVERED (I often wonder how this happens in a ladies toilet/bathroom – I mean, really girls?!) FLOOR!
We pick up our bags, do what we need to at the sink, then leave. 

What do we then do with our handbag? Well, if we head to a bar or restaurant, we put our bags on the table next to us; if we’re shopping and go into a changing room, we again put it on the floor; if we head home, we put our handbags on the table. 
We are basically shifting the toilet floor germs stuck to the bottom of our handbags onto every surface we encounter! We then touch these surfaces, fooled into a false sense of safety (they look clean, right? It’s a restaurant/bar/our home – we know they’ve been wiped clean with the appropriate cleaning agents) and transport the germs to everything we touch – like our face and mouths!

How often do you actually wipe the bottom of your hangbag clean?

Myself? NEVER! The thought of wiping the bottom of my handbag has never, ever, occurred to me (unless of course it has touched something I can actually see, like it’s got wet or something).

And this thought has now led me onto other things. Like, when you buy something in a shop and place your hands on the counter, waiting for the assistant to ring up your purchase, whose handbag has previously been there, and what did it last touch? When was it last wiped clean?!

I have become completely obsessed with this. Seriously. Obsessed!
How many peoples’ dried wee has inadvertently ended up on my lips?! How many toilet-floor germs have I put into my mouth?!
Oh and it gets worse, ladies: how many of our boyfriends/husbands have used a public toilet, thrown their coat on the floor, picked it up with their hands, put those same hands to their mouths, then KISSED US?!

Eurgh! It’s disgusting! 

So I now fear I have an OCD developing – and with good reason! 
Am I ever going to be able to revert back to the time handbag germs didn’t control my life? Will I ever be able to touch another flat surface again without being dominated by the thought of whose toilet ‘stuff’ I am accidentally smothering over my lips?

So I leave this OCD thought with you, and ask you to consider how many surfaces your handbags have touched, how many times you have cleaned it after, and how many germs have been spread to your home, and how many of these you have spread all over your mouth…!

Welcome to the dark side…


Comments on: "Urgh! Get ‘Em Off Me!!" (12)

  1. Ewwwww thanks for that missy! As if I don’t worry bout enough other crap without adding ur crazy OCD to my list!!!!
    Cheers sis!!! Xxxxx

  2. I better not wake up in the middle of the night and think about germs, Belle!

    • Haha! Sorry, Lois. But in a way, I’m doing you a favour, kind of, sort of, maybe… Oh what the hell, yeah I’m dragging you all with me!

      Thanks for subscribing by the way – yay! 🙂

  3. I piss on the floor lol

  4. Just reading this makes me want to take a shower. I once read an article that declared that no one could be totally clean if they used any bathroom outside the home. Great. Evidently this person never drank 6 drafts in one sitting at the local pub. At least women don’t have to use a urinal and experience the “splatter factor”.

    • “Splatter Factor”! Haha!
      Thankfully, no, this is not something I have ever had to endure. Just imagine the OCD I could form from that! Phew.
      Cheers for visiting, Groovyrick 🙂

  5. Love your writing; LOL’d myself at the part in your cat blog about the picture of someone’s cat licking their arse. (Love you Brits and your butchery of the Queen’s English) 😉 Oh, yeah, and nothing creepier than standing at the pisser, hearing the toilet flush in the pooper, and hearing the person walk out without stopping at the sink. Belle, great name–and I bet your cats would love the buzz. Looking forward to more “posts.”

  6. I read that blog about throwin your coat on the floor and I know all about dirty bathrooms, I used to work at a couple of bars about 13 years ago and you really see a wide variety of gross stuff. I’m not a “germ-a-phobe”, but these days it just makes sense to keep your hands clean.
    If we all work together we won’t have to worry about a law getting passed where latex gloves are manditory or something.

  7. Gosh, can you imagine? Latex gloves everywhere we go? I hate the things; reminds me of the dentist. And I HATE the dentist (another phobia!). It would be like living in a denist surgery forever! Aaaargh.
    Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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