My (slightly crazy) view of the world

Some Men Are Idiots. 

I live with two men.  Both late thirties,  but do you think their actual age changes their thought process from that of a mischievous teenage boy?

Answer: No. It doesn’t. 

I walk into the kitchen and see my flatmate watching my cat thoughtfully.

Flatmate: “Shall we get your cat stoned?”

Me: “No.”

Flatmate: “Oh, go on!”

Me: “No.”

Flatmate: “Go on. I promise it will be funny. My mate knows someone you could buy it from. We could sprinkle it on his food?”

Me: “No. Shut up.”

Boyfriend walks into room. 

Flatmate: “Hey. Shall we get your cat stoned?”

Boyfriend: Thinks for a moment. “Yeah sure. That could be funny.”

Me: Picks cat up and walks away with him.

Men are dicks. 


Comments on: "Some Men Are Idiots. " (6)

  1. Hi,
    (I’m actually commenting as me now – my wife left her profile logged in and I didn’t notice. D’oh!) Anyway, In defence of Men:
    I got nothing. As a househusband I have a naturally less trad-male outlook on life, and I find the “teenage forever” attitude a bit worrying. Last week I was reading a screenplay for a movie called “Are we officially Dating?” which centres on the antics of three buddies who are still single in their late twenties. The lead male is a serial dater who bangs out when his girls ask him any question that begins “So…” as in “So…Where is this going?”. While there were some funny lines in there, I just felt sorry for this moron and his loser friends. And (since it’s a romcom) when he has his revelation about how the girl he’s just left is “The One” I didn’t believe it. He turned his entire life around in twenty pages? And she breaks off her new engagement to take him back? What’s wrong with her?

    Still, I’m bound to point out, this isn’t ALL men. But there’s a lot of ’em.

    • Haha! Romcoms – they drive me nuts! How I wish, just for once, it could end with the girl saying (following the speech from the newly reformed guy), “Hmmm. You know what? Even though you have done a complete 180 and realise I am in fact ‘The One’, that you now want to run off into the sunset and get married and have children, and do all the things I wanted you to, I’m afraid I still think you’re a twat. And my new guy? Muuuch better in bed. Don’t call me again.” 
      MUCH better ending!
      Lol. Cheers for stopping by! B x

  2. I’m laughing hysterically at the same time feeling your pain. Thanks for making my night!

  3. Some men are idiots, for sure. Just don’t think women are perfect!

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